New foster parent applications are on pause from Nov. 1, 2022 - Mar. 1, 2023.
This does not apply to kinship applications, license renewals, and those getting licensed through a child placing agency. 

Youth Ride Free Across the Puget Sound

September 20, 2022

Starting Sept. 1, 2022, riders 18 and younger can take transit for free thanks to Move Ahead Washington, a statewide transportation funding package. 

Across the Puget Sound region, youth will be able to ride free on any of the following transit agencies. 

  • Community Transit
  • Everett Transit
  • King County Metro
  • King County Water Taxi
  • Kitsap Ferries
  • Kitsap Transit
  • Pierce Transit
  • Sound Transit

Starting Oct. 1, 2022: Washington State Ferries (including cyclists, pedestrians and vehicle passengers, but not vehicles)

How it Works
All youth will be able to ride transit for free. Riders age 13 and older are encouraged to show one of the following to the driver, if they have it:

  • Youth ORCA Card (Please tap on/off. The card will not expire if it’s registered and youth have until June 30, 2023 to register their card.)
  • Current High School or Middle School Student ID
  • For the next few months, youth who do not have one of these can still board for free.

In 2023 and beyond, youth will be directed to get a Free Youth Transit Pass that allows them to tap a card—or eventually their smartphone—to access transit across the region for free.

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