Indian Child Welfare

Services are provided to Indian children, consistent with the federal Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and Washington State Indian Child Welfare Act, in the areas of child protective services, foster care, dependency guardianship, termination of parental rights, and adoption proceedings.

In addition to direct services provided by the administration, additional services are funded through contracts with federally recognized Indian Tribes and other Indian organizations in the state enabling providers to serve their own Tribal members and off-reservation Indians.

DCYF monitors and provides technical assistance to its own staff and contracted Tribes and agencies on compliance with federal and state requirements related to the care of Indian children.


Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Program Manager Contact List

Washington State Tribes

Tribal Indian Child Welfare Social Services Directors and Staff Contact Information 

Intake Referral and After Hours Field Response Staff Contact Information 

Tribal Contact and Coordination Guidelines - Coordinating intake referrals with Washington State federally recognized Tribes when a case involves a family that is, or may be affiliated with a Tribe.

Policy Memos

April 2021 - Temporary Procedures for ICW Proceedings

April 2021 - Temporary Procedures for ICW Proceedings, Frequently Asked Questions

Sept 2016 - Indian Child Welfare Policies, Procedures, and Forms, Including a Reminder of ICW DSHS Forms Staff Must No Longer Use

July 2016 - Addendum to CA Authority and Staff Role in Conducting Child Protective Services Investigations and the application of the Indian Child Welfare Act

June 2015 - CA Authority and Staff Role in Conducting CPS Investigation and the Application of ICWA

Aug 2014 - Procedures for Local ICW Committee Case Staffings & Native American Inquiry

May 2013 - Update to Indian Child Welfare