Group Care

Group and residential care programs are each a type of live-in, out-of-home care placement in which staff are trained to work with children and youth. These placements offer a higher level of structure and supervision than what can be provided in a family home setting.

Group and residential programs are operated by private agencies licensed by DCYF and typically provide an array of services, including therapeutic services for children and families and educational and medical services for children or youth.

Listening and Learning Discussion Invitations

Topic:  Agency Licensing Listening and Learning Monthly Meeting

We are excited to host monthly listening and learning sessions for our Agency Licensing providers.

The sessions will start on January 18, 2024 from 2:00-3:00 PM and will occur monthly until Summer 2024 on the third Thursday of each month.

It is important for you to attend to learn more about WA CAP, functionality, opportunities for live question and answer time, and more importantly for us to better understand your needs for the portal.

We look forward to the discussion.