National Survey of Parents and Caregivers with Physical and Vision Disabilities

January 22, 2024


Through the Looking Glass (TLG) provides services and resources to support families with disabilities throughout their lifespan. 

TLG wants to find out about the current strategies and supports that are used and needed by parents and caregivers who have physical disabilities or are blind or have low vision through a national survey.

Why should I take part? Your participation will help TLG:

• Expand online resources and educational materials 
• Create educational materials for occupational therapists and other professionals on ways they can support parents and caregivers who are blind or have low vision

Who can take the survey? TLG wants to hear from parents or caregivers who have:

• Low vision, blindness, or other conditions that affect vision OR
• A physical disability, including those with chronic health problems AND
• One or more children under 6 years old

Take the survey at

If you would like to take the survey over the phone, you can provide your contact information or call Stacy Frauwirth at (510) 225-7519.