Feedback Wanted: Foster Care Rate Assessment

October 5, 2023

Foster Care Rate Assessment

Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) is changing the way that we will be completing rate assessments.  As a result of the changes, DCYF has drafted changes to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) that are linked to the process.  DCYF has filed WSR 23-19-078 to open the public comment period on the proposed amendments to the Foster Care Rate Assessment (FCRA) WACs in chapter 110-50 WAC and other related rules. The proposed WAC revisions will allow DCYF to revise the foster care maintenance levels and rates and the standardized process that will be used to determine the level and rate paid to licensed foster parents. The standardized process will determine the child’s or youth’s level and rate based on their physical, mental health, and behavioral needs. The WACs will also be reorganized and remove redundancy, decreasing the number of FCRA WACs.

DCYF will also be revising the Placement WACs in chapter 110-50 WAC and other related rules regarding child placing agencies (CPAs) expectations and reimbursement as they relate to the revised foster care maintenance levels and rates in chapter WAC 110-50.

Submit your comment through Oct. 24. 

You can access the filings from the DCYF Rule Making Filings page.