Caregivers Invited to Join Family Connections Program

January 8, 2023

Did you know The Family Connections Program (FCP) is now open for referrals for all families with an open child welfare case in King, Pierce, Mason, Clark, Grays Harbor, Pacific. Kitsap, and Skamania counties? 

What is the FCP?  The Family Connections Program provides voluntary opportunities for parents and caregivers to meet and talk about the needs of a child in care.  Phone, email, or virtual meeting options are available based on participant preference. 

FCP peer mentors (parents and caregivers who have lived expertise with parent/caregiver relationships) are skilled at:

  • Providing a warm, supportive, facilitated opportunity for parents and caregivers to have a conversation about building a positive, child-focused partnership.
  • Helping parents and caregivers navigate a planned child-centered transition.
  • Supporting the parent and caregiver in planning a return home, including education on the importance of maintaining the child’s important relationships throughout the transition, and connecting caregivers to grief and loss resources (at CaRES program), if appropriate. 

Why was the FCP created? Please watch this 2-minute film to learn why partnerships between parents and caregivers are so important to children and youth in out of home care.    

How does FCP work? This 4 min animation will give you a quick overview of how the program works and what participants can expect if they chose to participate in FCP.    

Peer mentor support is provided to participants before, during, and after the exchange of information, and is available on an ongoing basis to help support the parent/caregiver relationship. Peer mentors facilitate interactions focused on the child/ youth’s needs, strengths, interests, and how parents and caregivers can partner together going forward to support the child/youth. While FCP peer support is not yet available in all counties, Connections 101, Tidbit Trainings, and the Resource Library are available to all.     

FCP Tools  

  • Connections 101 – a reoccurring monthly virtual opportunity open to all child welfare stakeholders, caregivers, those interested in becoming licensed, and community members to hear a parent and a caregiver with lived experience speak to the extraordinary value of parent/caregiver relationships when a child is placed in out of home care.  To register or learn more, email
  • The FCP Tidbit Trainings - 5-minute online trainings designed to increase caregiver awareness around issues that may impact/create fear around partnerships can be located at Family Connections Tidbits Training. Please share these with caregivers you work with!  
  • Relationship Building Tips and Tools

For more information visit or contact Katie Biron, FCP program manager at