Caregivers Give Kudos to DCYF Caseworkers

April 25, 2022

"We would like to recognize Zane Mehl - social worker for our foster son. Thank you for all the hard work and care you provide to him each month. We appreciate you!" - Kathie Bournique

"For National Social Workers month, I would like to recognize Danielle Johnson (who works in the Adoptions side) as the most amazing, responsive and helpful social worker we have ever had. She is prompt, effective and always has a sunny attitude toward families. She advocates for her foster families transitioning to adoption so that things work as smoothly as possible." - Susannah Halliburton

"I want to recognize Emma Sanchez. She is an amazing social worker with the perfect balance of procedure and heart. I have one of a sibling group of four and she has truly loved on these kids. She has been tireless in advocating for them. She works proactively for sibling visits and has been a great mediator between the adults in the various placements. I really appreciate her care and concern." - Sarah Soriano