Create High Quality, Integrated B-8 System

  • Readiness for Kindergarten

    Kindergarten readiness is an outcome indicator for DCYF’s strategic priority to create a high-quality, integrated B-8 system. Each year about 80,000 children enter kindergarten in Washington’s public school system. Across all income groups, about half of children in Washington are ready for kindergarten (as measured by the Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills assessment). Children from higher income families are most likely to be ready for kindergarten, while children from middle income and lower income families are ready for kindergarten at lower rates. DCYF has a goal to reach 90% kindergarten readiness for all children.

    Note: Kindergarten readiness is also reported as a Child Outcome Goal.

    Kindergarten Readiness, by Household Income Group (Relative to Federal Poverty Level), 2019-2020

  • Child Care Licensed Capacity

    Washington State has more than 5,300 licensed or certified child care facilities, including licensed child care centers, licensed family home child care programs, and licensed school-age programs. DCYF is tracking the licensed capacity of Early Achievers enrolled providers as a driver for expanding preschool access and associated kindergarten readiness.

    Total Licensed Capacity for Non-School-Age Children, by Early Achievers Enrolled Provider Type, SFY 2017-2021
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  • Child Care Quality

    DCYF monitors quality ratings of Early Achievers providers as a balancing indicator for our priority to create a high-quality, integrated B-8 system. Early Achievers uses an easy-to-understand rating system to track quality improvement of participating early care providers. At the end of the 2021 state fiscal year, we estimate that over 71,000 non-school-age children were served in settings rated 3 or higher.

    Estimated Number of Non-School-Age Children Served, by Early Achievers Enrolled Provider Type and Quality, SFY 2021
    Estimated Number of Non-School Aged Children Served by Early Achievers Enrolled Providers Rated 3 and Above, by Type, SFY 2019-2021