Improve Quality and Intention of Our Practice

  • Family Practice Model

    The DCYF strategic priorities call for improved quality and intention of practice across the continuum of services and interventions. One priority for Child Welfare in this category is to refresh the child welfare practice model, referred to as the Family Practice Model (FPM). To evaluate and assess current operations being used in regions across the state, we have used co-design as the method to highlight system strengths and barriers from the experiences of field operations staff. Additional co-design opportunities are framing an outline to improve the child welfare assessment system gathering worker insight around (1) assessment content needed to inform critical decisions and (2) how assessments can provide information to improve engagement with families. Through critical techniques, like motivational interviewing, the FPM will systematize ways to support workers to increase family participation.  An additional development of FPM related to the DCYF strategic priorities (equity p.1 and p.5) is to gather experiences of lived experts (i.e., clients of child welfare), to create journey maps to further inform and prompt system improvements.

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