Contract Materials

ESIT Contractor Bulletins

2022 - 2023 ESIT Contract Materials

FRC Caseload Waiver Request - Revised

Budget Workbook Definitions and Instructions

Budget WorkbookREVISED 9-1-2022

CLA Deliverables ScheduleREVISED 9-1-2022

EIPA Deliverables Schedule - REVISED 9-1-2022

Developmental Screening-Appropriate Use

ESIT Provider Agency-ESIT Service Provider Subcontractor Requirements

ESIT Statewide Directory Contract Contact Form

Federal Certifications and Assurances - Contractor

Federal Certifications and AssurancesSubcontractor

Financial Disclosure Certification - Contractor

Financial Disclosure Certification - Subcontractor

FY22-23 Required Training Programs

Local ESIT Services Collaboration Plan

Personnel Qualification Guidelines

Regional-County-Local Early Childhood Coordinating Council Requirements

Service Area Agreement Guidance

County EIS Rates and Payment Structure

IDEA Part C State Application – FFY 2023

Performance-Based Contracting

Performance-Based Contracting Webinar Recording