Medical and Dental

All children participating in the Adoption Support Program are eligible to receive medical and dental services through Medicaid.

  • Families must first access existing private insurance.
  • Medicaid can then be billed for any remaining costs up to the maximum allowable Medicaid rate.

Pre-Authorized Counseling

Before initiating counseling services, authorization for the services must be requested by phone or in writing from your Adoption Support Specialist.

  • You may use child's Medicaid card or counseling service of choice.
  • Family's primary insurance must be applied first.
  • Paid at Adoption Support rates.

Nonrecurring Adoption Costs

Nonrecurring costs are a onetime expense incurred by the adoptive parent to finalize the adoption of an eligible child.

  • An application and agreement are made prior to the adoption being finalized. This agreement may be part of an Adoption Support agreement or it may be a separate agreement specific to the reimbursement for nonrecurring adoption finalization costs.
  • Maximum reimbursable costs are $1500.00 per child.
  • Payment is made after the adoption is finalized.

Types of costs that may be reimbursable:

  • Court costs directly related to finalizing an adoption.
  • Reasonable and necessary adoption fees.
  • Reasonable and necessary attorney fees directly related to finalizing an adoption.
  • Costs associated with an adoption home study.


  • Training opportunities are available through the Foster Parent Training Unit and the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence. Contact your adoption support program consultant for details.

Monthly Cash Payment

A cash payment provided to adoptive families to help cover some of the expenses involved in raising a child with special needs. The payment is:

  • Based on the child's needs and family's circumstances.
  • Jointly determined through the negotiation between the family and DSHS.
  • For adoptions after July 1, 2013, the monthly cash payment must not exceed 80% of the amount of the foster care maintenance rate that the child would receive if the child were in a foster family home.