Applying for the Adoption Support Program

How does a prospective adoptive parent apply for adoption support?

  1. An applicant may apply through the public or private agency caseworker of the child to be adopted if the child is in the custody of the agency. The caseworker will:
    1. Register the child with the adoption support program; and
    2. Submit the applicant's completed program application along with a completed worksheet used to assist the family and the agency in negotiating the amount of any monthly cash payment.
  2. An applicant may also apply directly to the adoption support program for adoption support if the child does not have an assigned caseworker.

What requirements apply to an application for ongoing adoption support?

  1. The application must include a copy of the child's medical and family background report signed by the adoptive parent(s) (DCYF 13-041). It must also include copies of agency records or medical or therapist reports documenting the child's physical, mental, developmental, cognitive, emotional disability, or risk of such disability.
  2. The applicant must include a copy of a preplacement report or home study completed by the department, an agency, or an individual approved by the court (see RCW 26.33.190(1)).
  3. If the applicant is requesting a monthly cash payment, the applicant and the agency must mutually agree to the amount of the payment according to the requirements of WAC 110-80-0220.
  4. If the applicant is requesting reimbursement of nonrecurring costs, the applicant must include this request in the application. (See WAC 110-80-0430 and 110-80-0440 for the type and amount of expenses the department may reimburse.)
  5. The applicant must furnish a copy of the applicant's most recently filed federal income tax return. If the applicant is not required to file a federal income tax return, the applicant must submit a financial statement with the applicant's adoption support application.