Application Process

Completing the Application

Your adoption social service specialist will give you the forms necessary to apply for the program.   As the adopting parents you will complete the Adoption Support Application (DCYF 09-998), and the Adoption Support Application Worksheet (DCYF 09-997). You will need to provide your most recent IRS 1040, or an explanation on why it was not filed.  These documents will be combined with information provided by your social service specialist to complete the adoption support application packet.  If you have additional questions about the application process, you should contact your adoption social service specialist.

Preparing for Negotiation

The Department of Children, Youth, and Families provides adoption assistance services by entering into a contract with you prior to finalizing the adoption. This contract allows us to provide post adoption supports for medical coverage, pre-authorized counseling, reimbursement up to $1500 for adoption related expenses and if agreed upon a monthly cash payment to help you provide for the special needs of your child.

When negotiating your child’s adoption assistance agreement, there are two factors that can be considered:  the expenses that address the special needs of the child, and the circumstances of the family.

While completing the application it may be helpful to create a family budget that documents the resources that are going toward meeting the special needs of your child and your family circumstances.   Being able to describe to the consultant the family’s ability to incorporate the child’s needs and the family circumstances will help in the negotiation process.

Information including your income, debt, housing, transportation, space, family size, parental occupations, parental health needs, the needs of other family members, climate, and any number of other factors must all be looked at together.

A monthly subsidy is not going to cover all the child’s needs, but going through the process of determining the expenses associated with the child’s special needs will help when talking with agency personnel during the modification meeting. (Excerpt from North American Council on Adoptable Children).   The consultant will also work with you to identifying resources in your community that may help your family meet the special needs of your child.