Adoption After Age 13

Adoption After Age 13

  • If your child is age 13 years or older at the time of the adoption, your child is eligible to apply as an independent person for federal financial aid for college
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Adoption After Age 14

Youth adopted between the age of 14 and 18 may have continued eligibility for the Washington College Bound Scholarship.

Adoption After Age 16

For youth adopted after age 16 and prior to their 18th birthday, adoption support may be extended to age 21.   The youth will need to meet one of the categories of eligibility listed below and, along with his/her parents, will need to complete the Extended Adoption Support Application.  The youth and his/her parents may apply at the time the youth turns 18 and prior to the date of the youth’s 19th birthday.  To be eligible for Extended Adoption Support the parents must continue to be financially responsible for the youth up to age 21.

Eligibility Categories

  • Participation in High School or High School Equivalency Certificate Program.
  • Attending College or Vocational School Program, or has applied for and can demonstrate intention of timely enrollment in secondary education.
  • Participating in a job training or activity that assists in removing barriers to employment.
  • Engaged in employment for eighty hours or more per month.
  • Effective July 1, 2016- when a youth is not able to engage in eligibility categories due to a documented medical condition.

An additional support for you eligible for Extended Adoption Support:

Educational Training Vouchers - for qualified youth a maximum of $5000 per academic year may be available for youth to assist with tuition, fees, books/supplies, housing, transportation and other education related costs.

Contact ETV Program at, or call 1-877-433-8388

Extended Adoption Support Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know that my child is eligible?

If your child was between the ages of 16 and 18 at the time of adoption, your child’s case is eligible to be reviewed for acceptance into the Extended Adoption Support Program.

When does my child become eligible?

Your child will become eligible for the program on his/her 18th birthday.  Prior to your child’s 18th birthday, you will receive a letter explaining the program and an application.  If your child meets one of the categories, he/she will be eligible for extended adoption support as long as you continue to be financially responsible for your child.   Your child’s eligibility will be based on the criteria in effect at the time he/she turns 18.

Why do parents and children have to complete the application form?

Because your child is now considered an adult in the education system, many programs require that he/she determine who has access to their educational information.  In order to ensure that your child remains eligible for the program, you both will need to work together to ensure that documentation for continued eligibility is available to the Adoption Support Program.

Will my child continue to be eligible for medical coverage?

As long as your child is eligible for Extended Adoption Support, he/she will be eligible to continue their Washington medical coverage.  There may be some changes for families that live in other states, therefore, you should  contact your adoption support consultant.

What if my child does not want to pursue education after high school?

Youth are able to enter the program up to the day prior to his/her 19th birthday.  If your child decides not to pursue a formal education after completing high school, he/she must be eligible under one of the other categories of eligibility for you to receive extended adoption support.

What if I no longer provide financial support to my child?

If the parents are no longer providing financial support for the child, the child will no longer be eligible for adoption support.  The adoption support agreement will be terminated.

What if my child is away at college?

As long as you are providing financial support, the child will continue to be eligible whether they live away at college or not.

Will I have reviews or contact from the adoption support consultant?

Yes, you and your child will have to show that he/she continues to meet one of the approved categories and that you continue to be financially responsible.