Parents and Caregivers are Supported to Meet the Needs of Children and Youth

  • CPS Response Rates

    One of DCYF's resilience goals is that parents and caregivers are supported to meet the needs of children and youth. From a prevention standpoint, if parents are supported in meeting the needs of their children and youth, they will experience improved outcomes in safety and well-being. As an indicator for this outcome, DCYF is monitoring the rate at which children require a response from CPS.

    Children and Youth (Age 0-17) Requiring a CPS Response, per 1,000, 2010-2022
  • Youth Detention Rates

    Another systems-related measure to track in this area is youth detention rates. As parents and caregivers are more supported to meet the needs of their youth, more youth and adolescents will be able to avoid juvenile detention. Across Washington, the average youth detention rate in 2020 was 5.4 admissions per 1,000 youth ages 12-17.

    Youth Detention Rates per 1,000 Youth Age 12-17, by County, 2020