Get a Mentor

Mentors are supportive adults. We hope that with a mentor’s help you can feel supported as you begin to make your way toward completing your educational and employment goals, successfully transitioning out of foster care, successfully transitioning into a career, successfully transitioning into college, improving your future, and achieving your dreams.

Try a Natural Mentor. A Natural Mentor is someone you know or have knowledge of that you believe would be a good mentor for you.

Here are some Natural Mentors to consider:

  • Your caregiver.
  • An adult with whom you already have a connection, such as a teacher, tutor, coach, or youth leader.
  • An education advocate within the child welfare system.
  • Your caseworker or Independent Living Coordinator.
  • A mentor from a community or school mentoring program.
  • Your court-appointed special advocate (CASA), if you have one.
  • If you have a disability, your IEP coordinator or special education teacher.
  • High school counselors.
  • College campus counseling programs and financial aid counselors.

If you’re not sure try one of the mentoring resources below in your area:

Mentoring Resources

Washington State Mentors - Find a mentoring opportunity or locate a Washington State Mentor near you. Go to the website and scroll down to Connect to Mentoring Opportunities. Then just enter your Zip Code.

Do-It - program for youth with disabilities that offers online career and college mentoring. For an application, e-mail

Have a question about mentoring? Email Tom Pennella at