General Educational Development (GED) High School Equivalency Test

The national GED Testing Service replaced the current five-part test with a four-part series that is considered more rigorous and a better indicator of students’ readiness for college and careers. Those who did not complete or pass all five portions before the deadline will have to start over again with the new version of the test. That means not only will they have to retake the tests, but also have to repay. The High School Equivalency Test/GED is only available at official testing centers, and the new tests will be offered only on a computer. The entire test costs approximately $120, which is $30 per test. Tests can be paid for online with a credit card.

  • Prepare for the test: Study materials are available for purchase through Some colleges may offer GED testing courses.
  • Take the test:  By going to:
  • Cost: The cost of each test is approximately $30.00 and there are four tests for a total of $120.00.

Remember to have the following available:

  • Photo Identification – Must be current and include your signature.
  • If you are under the age of 19 you must have the Approval to Test Form, signed by a school official and parent/guardian.
  • Arrive Early!
  • Accommodations for students with a documented disability.

Open Doors Youth Reengagement Program

Open Doors Youth Reengagement (WAC 392-700 Chapter 392-700 WAC:) is a reengagement system that provides education and services to older youth, ages 16-21, who have dropped out of school or are not expected to graduate from high school by the age of 21. Open Doors reengages disconnected youth through programs that encourage community partnerships, create multiple pathways for students to realize success, and provide an on-ramp to post-secondary achievement through a performance-based, individualized support model. Visit the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Open Doors Youth Reengagement Resources page to learn more.