Updates to State System

Based on feedback the Department of Children, Youth, and Families receives from providers, there are changes that will improve how the state electronic attendance system works and how it is used.

Providers and families may notice some differences with each update. DCYF will keep a summary and history of all the state system updates on this page.

March 4, 2019 Update

The first major updates to the state’s electronic attendance system are coming on March 4, 2019!

What do providers need to do prior to March?

Prior to March, review the information below to get familiar with the changes that are coming. Also, be prepared for the state system to be down on March 2, 2019 for up to twelve (12) hours. KinderConnect, KinderSign, and KinderSmart will all be unavailable during the planned outage. If you need to keep attendance records during the time the system is down, please visit the policy on our website, Electronic Attendance Records: Internet or System is Unavailable.

What do providers need to do on March 4, 2019?

On March 4, 2019, providers who supply a tablet for attendance check in and check out will need to download the new “KinderSign Washington” application onto their tablet(s). After the application is downloaded, the provider will need to register the tablet once.

For providers with sponsors using smartphones, instruct families to download the new “KinderSmart Washington” application onto their smartphones. After the application is downloaded, providers will need to help sponsors complete phone registration process.

What changes are coming?
For KinderConnect:
  • Home Screen Messaging - Enables messages from DCYF or the system to display on the home screen.
  • Multiple Check In/Out Pairs - Allows submitting records when there are more than two check in and out pairs in the same calendar day.
  • Social Service Payment System (SSPS) Number Displays in Drop-Down - For Provider Administrators who are linked to more than one site, the SSPS # will be listed in the drop-down.
  • Merging Abilities - Allows providers to combine a duplicated child’s account, parent/sponsor accounts, and attendance records when a child is added to the system as a full pay child and the same child is later authorized for Working Connections or Seasonal Child Care.
  • Overnight Care - Automatically adds the end time for one day and the start time for the next day when care is provided before and after midnight.
  • Detailed Attendance Reports - Adds the ability to include signatures and/or notes when creating attendance record reports.
  • Absent Day Drop-Down - Updates the list of absent day reasons to include “Professional Development” days.
  • Messages to Sponsors - Allows providers to send messages to sponsors through the system.
For KinderSign:
  • Offline Capability - Allows a tablet to store check in and check out activity that is collected while the tablet is not connected to the internet. When the connection to internet is restored, the transactions will be uploaded to KinderConnect.
For KinderSign and KinderSmart:
  • Messages from Provider - Allows sponsors to read messages from their provider.