Legal Assistance for Clients of Juvenile Rehabilitation


Program: Legal Services for Youth

Youth served by Juvenile Rehabilitation can receive legal services from TeamChild for no fee.

TeamChild help can youth with issues like these:

  • Not being in school (suspension, expulsion, truancy, dropped out, not allowed to enroll)
  • School isn’t working (need more support for learning, feel unsafe or bullied, feel discriminated against, other parts of life make it hard to focus and be successful)
  • Feeling unsafe at home or don’t have a home (homeless, conflict with family, couch surfing, living on the street, in a bad relationship, running from foster care)
  • Trouble getting health care or counseling (have unmet or unidentified health care needs, services or care denied or reduced)
  • Being locked up in detention (probation violations, warrants, police or school resource officer attention, truancy or running away, parents won’t help)
  • Landing a job or housing because of a juvenile record, court fines and fees, or a registration requirement

TeamChild can also provide help for people seeking assistance to have juvenile records sealed, or to make changes to sex offender registration requirements.

How To Get Help:

Anyone can make a request for TeamChild services. We accept referrals by:

Resources for Youth who have Sexually Offended

The following fact sheets are provided by the Washington State Sex Offender Policy Board:

Failure to Register for Adult and Juvenile Sex and Kidnapping Offenses 
Obtaining Relief from Sex or Kidnapping Offender Registration 
Sealing of the Record of Conviction - Juveniles Adjudicated of Sex or Kidnapping Offenses 
Traveling Requirements for Adult and Juvenile Registered Sex or Kidnapping Offenders