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Getting Started in MERIT - January 2019


This is an introductory webinar geared towards child care providers, employers or anyone who supports early learning professionals who are new to MERIT or not familiar with MERIT. The following topics are covered:

  • Where to find MERIT support materials on the DCYF website
  • Registering in MERIT
  • Applying for a STARS ID
  • Submitting the Portable Background Check (PBC)

Video Time Markers

  • Webinar Agenda Overview: 2:51
  • Navigating MERIT-related resources on the DCYF website: 4:30
  • MERIT How-to Guides (location on website): 5:12
  • Newsletters and Webinars (location on website): 6:05
  • How to Register in MERIT: 8:32
  • Applying for a STARS ID: 17:15
  • Participant Questions: 25:57
  • Submitting the Portable Background Check (PBC): 31:12
  • Contact information: 54:35
  • Contact information for FFN providers: 55:31