Grant-funded Permanency Outcome Facilitators assigned to each intervention office will be responsible for holding pre-meets with parents, caregivers, and children/youth to ensure that these key participants are included in meeting scheduling and planning.

Permanency Outcome Facilitators will be responsible for scheduling Enhanced Permanency Planning Meetings when key case participants are able to attend; this may include holding meetings outside of traditional business hours. The Permanency Outcome Facilitators will ensure all key participants are invited to and included in Enhanced Permanency Planning Meetings. Key participants include parents, children/youth, caregivers, CASAs/GALs, tribal representatives, attorneys, extended kin, community supports, service providers, etc. The facilitators will contact the case participants and explain how the meetings will work, as well as any supports that need to be invited.

The purpose of the grant is to ensure each family has a voice in their case, they understand why their child(ren) is in state custody, and what needs to happen to have their child(ren) returned to their care.