State-Funded Community Compensation Program

Report Description: Recommendations for establishing a state-funded community compensation program to address out-of-pocket expenses for those who have been harmed by juvenile criminal offenses. Recommendations shall consider restorative principles and best practices and shall be developed in consultation with those who have been adjudicated and charged restitution and those who have been owed restitution. The council shall provide recommendations for program implementation including, but not limited to, structure and placement within state government; scope and scale of funding including eligibility criteria; retroactivity; documentation requirements; and coordination with the existing crime victim’s compensation fund. The council shall provide estimates of startup costs and ongoing operational costs, including administration and direct compensation to victims.

Report Due: Oct. 31, 2024

Workgroup Co-Leads

  • OJJ Staff Co-Lead: Heidi Sadri
  • PCJJ Co-Lead: Jd Nielsen, Office of Crime Victims Advocacy

Workgroup Meeting Schedule:

Workgroup Membership:

  • Gus Patel-Tupper, Berkeley Law Policy Advocacy Clinic
  • Giannina Ferrara, Center for Children & Youth Justice
  • Nicholas Oakley, Center for Children & Youth Justice
  • Izzy Eads, Choose 180
  • Julissa Sanchez, Choose 180
  • Prachi Dave, Civil Survival
  • Kelly Olson, Civil Survival
  • Stephanie Budrus, DCYF Office of Public Affairs
  • Caitlin Gates, Department of Labor & Industries Crime Victims Compensation Program
  • Jonathan Stanbery, Department of Labor & Industries Crime Victims Compensation Program
  • Maty Brimmer, Department of Labor & Industries Crime Victims Compensation Program
  • Katie Hurley, King County Department of Public Defense
  • Jimmy Hung, King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
  • Roshelle Cleland, Lutheran Community Services
  • Larry Jefferson, Dir., Office of Public Defense
  • Liz Mustin, Office of Public Defense
  • Michael Althauser, Senate Democratic Caucus
  • Kelsey-anne Fung, Senate Human Service Committee
  • Liz Trautman, Stand for Children Washington
  • Meghan Grace, Stand for Children Washington
  • Julian Cooper, TeamChild
  • Daniel Lugo, Treehouse
  • Dr. Eric Trupin, University of Washington Medicine Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Sciences
  • Jack Murphy, Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators
  • Norrie Gregoire, Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators
  • Evan Walker
  • Representative Darya Farivar 
  • Senator Noel Frame
  • Judge Breean Beggs, Spokane County Superior Court
  • Judge David Keenan, King County Superior Court

Technical Assistance Provider: Council of State Governments Justice Center