Raise the Age

Report Description: Recommendations regarding the implementation of juvenile court jurisdiction expansion to encompass persons 18, 19, and 20 years old. Recommendations shall include an implementation plan for the expansion, including necessary funding, essential personnel, and programmatic resources, measures necessary to avoid a negative impact on the state's child protection response, and specific milestones related to operations and policy.

Implementation Plan Requirements: A timeline for structural and systemic changes within the juvenile justice system for the juvenile rehabilitation division; the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families; the Department of Corrections; and the juvenile court pursuant to chapter 13.04 RCW. An operations and business plan that defines benchmarks, including possible changes to resource allocations; a review of the estimated costs avoided by local and state governments with the reduction of recidivism and an analysis of cost savings reinvestment options; and estimated new costs incurred to provide juvenile justice services to persons 18, 19, and 20 years old.

Report Due: Jun. 30, 2025

Workgroup Co-Leads:

  • OJJ Staff Co-Lead: Heidi Sadri
  • PCJJ Co-Lead: Andrew Hill, Excelsior Wellness

Workgroup Meeting Schedule:

Workgroup Membership:

  • Frank Thomas, Administrative Office of the Courts Minority & Justice Commission 
  • Roxana Gomez, American Civil Liberties Union 
  • Nicholas Oakley, Center for Children & Youth Justice 
  • Izzy Eads, Choose 180 
  • Julissa Sanchez, Choose 180 
  • Prachi Dave, Civil Survival 
  • Stephanie Budrus, DCYF Office of Public Affairs 
  • Katie Hurley, King County Department of Public Defense 
  • Jimmy Hung, King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office 
  • Paul Daniels, King County Superior Court 
  • Nicole McGrath, Legal Counsel for Youth & Children 
  • Jenny Young, Office of Juvenile Justice & Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative 
  • Liz Mustin, Office of Public Defense 
  • Michael Althauser, Senate Democratic Caucus 
  • Kelsey-anne Fung, Senate Human Service Committee 
  • Julian Cooper, TeamChild 
  • Arthur Longworth, Treehouse 
  • Dr. Eric Trupin, University of Washington Medicine Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Sciences 
  • Jack Murphy, Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators 
  • Norrie Gregoire, Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators 
  • Judge Jennifer Forbes, Washington State Superior Court Judges' Association 
  • Representative Darya Farivar
  • Katie Hurley, King County Department of Public Defense

Technical Assistance Provider: Columbia University Emerging Adult Justice Project