Juvenile Record Sealing

Report Description: Recommendations regarding retention, dissemination, confidentiality, sealing, consequences, and general treatment of juvenile court records. In making recommendations, the council shall take into consideration developments in brain science regarding decision-making amongst youth, the impact the juvenile court records can have on future individual well-being, principles of racial equity, and impacts that the recommendations could have on recidivism.

Report Due: Oct. 31, 2024

Workgroup Co-Leads:

  • OJJ Staff Co-Lead: Heidi Sadri
  • PCJJ Co-Lead: Jimmy Hung, King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Workgroup Meeting Schedule:

Workgroup Membership:

  • Frank Thomas, Administrative Office of the Courts Minority & Justice Commission
  • Roxana Gomez, American Civil Liberties Union
  • Giannina Ferrara, Center for Children & Youth Justice
  • Izzy Eads, Choose 180
  • Julissa Sanchez, Choose 180
  • Prachi Dave, Civil Survival
  • Xaxira Ponce de Leon, Columbia Legal Services
  • Denise Carlson, DCYF Administrative Services Division
  • Leslie Schaar, DCYF Administrative Services Division
  • Stephanie Budrus, DCYF Office of Public Affairs
  • Katie Hurley, King County Department of Public Defense
  • Paul Daniels, King County Superior Court
  • George Yeannakis, Office of Public Defense
  • Michael Althauser, Senate Democratic Caucus
  • Kelsey-anne Fung, Senate Human Service Committee
  • Karen Pillar, TeamChild
  • Dr. Eric Trupin, University of Washington Medicine Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Sciences
  • Jack Murphy, Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators
  • Norrie Gregoire, Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators
  • Dr. Ben Danielson
  • Representative Darya Farivar
  • Representative Julio Cortes
  • Senator Noel Frame
  • Alejandro Sanchez, Department of Licensing
  • Dave Reynolds, former Whatcom County Juvenile Court Administrator
  • Kathy Martin, Walla Walla County Superior Court Clerk’s Office
  • Kimberly Ambrose, University of Washington School of Law
  • Tyler Martin, DCYF Administrative Services Division 

Technical Assistance Provider: Juvenile Law Center