Early Learning Dashboards

DCYF is building out a suite of dashboards and maps related to different topics in early learning. The main purpose of these dashboards is to help inform planning efforts – at the state, regional, and local levels. 

Our goal is to update these dashboards regularly, and to make the underlying data publicly available. 

Child Care Need and Supply Data

Statewide, DCYF estimates that families of about 305,000 children age B-5 not yet in school need child care. Only about 34% of those children are enrolled in licensed child care or preschool.

The percent of need met for child care and preschool for young children varies widely across the state.

Child Care Stabilization Zip Code Factors

The Zip Code Factors dashboard is intended to support the DCYF Federal Child Care Stabilization Grants. This dashboard covers geographic zip code factors only, that are being used to inform grant verifiable add-ons. These factors operationalize the statutory definitions mandated in budget appropriations for these grants (see ESSB 5092 Sec 229(22)(a)(iii)).

These dashboards and data sheets will be updated quarterly throughout the coming months, to make use of the most recent data available.

Early Achievers Data Dashboard

The monthly Early Achievers Data Dashboard (in PDF form) is updated each month to demonstrate the statewide progression of the Early Achievers quality rating initiative.