DCYF, WA Courts Celebrate National Adoption Day

national adoption day, king county courthouse

Last week, Secretary Ross Hunter and DCYF staff, joined families at the King County Courthouse to celebrate 38 adoptions for National Adoption Day. 

“We celebrate National Adoption Day because it highlights the critical service that adoptions provide in helping create loving families for many of Washington’s children and youth,” said Hunter. “Of no fault of their own, children and youth in our care need a permanent family that will help them grow into resilient adults.”

Naselle Youth Camp Hosts Potlatch During Native American Heritage Month

Naselle’s Native youth pictured along with Superintendent Pat Escamilla and Washington State Representative Brian Blake.

Earlier this month, Naselle Youth Camp hosted its annual potlatch where community members, family and DCYF staff gathered to share a meal and immerse themselves in the spirit of local potlatch tradition.  

Practiced by Native peoples of the Pacific Northwest coast for thousands of years, a potlatch traditionally takes place during colder months and serves as a gathering for the redistribution and reciprocity of wealth.