Eligibility and Referral Process

Who qualifies for services?

Any youth or young adult ages 12 through 24 years old, exiting a publicly funded system of care who is experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

What are examples of systems of care?

A system of care is defined by RCW 43.330.720 to include the following systems:

  • Child welfare
  • Behavorial health
  • Juvenile justice
  • Programs funded by the Office of Homeless Youth

Who can make a referral?

  • The youth or young adult themselves;
  • A family member of a youth or young adult;
  • Youth advocates;
  • Educators;
  • Law enforcement;
  • DCYF staff or contracted service providers;
  • Office of Homeless Youth staff or contracted service providers;  
  • Behavioral health service providers

To make a referral:

Complete the referral and email it to YYAHRT@dcyf.wa.gov.

  • DCYF staff will contact you within two business days to confirm eligibility and next steps.

If you have any questions, email any member of the Youth and Young Adult Housing Response Team via at YYAHRT@dcyf.wa.gov.  

The applicant will be asked to provide:

  • A release of information allowing the response team to consult with one another for the purpose of identifying which resources would be most appropriate for addressing the youth or young adults housing needs.
  • Demographic information to include the young person’s race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, geographic location, desired geographic location, Medicaid eligibility/status, and any physical or mental health information which may be directly contributing to the young person’s housing situation. Note: Any data collected will have identifiable information removed before it is incuded in any external reporting.
  • What the youth defines as important to them, their ideal housing situation, education, or employment goals. (This information will not be shared outside of the response team unless written permission is given by the youth or young adult for this purpose).