Direct Deposit

We believe you will find Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer to be secure and convenient. By using this program, you will know that funds are safely deposited into your bank account even when you are not able to go to your bank. Also, Direct Deposit results in savings to the State of Washington and all its citizens. Thank you!

Registration and Change Forms

For new direct deposit accounts, first complete the Provider Registration (W9) form and Direct Deposit Authorization form electronically, then print, sign and mail/email/upload to the SSPS Portal:

Attention Direct Deposit
PO Box 45812
Olympia, WA 98504


  • To request a paper copy of the application packet, email SSPS at or call 360-664-6161.

After we receive the completed forms:

  • A Statewide Vendor Number will be assigned which allows us to initiate direct deposit payments to you.
  • A pre-note will be sent to your financial institution. This pre-note is a zero-dollar transaction that your financial institution is required to check for account validity. The pre-note process takes approximately two weeks after the Statewide Vendor Number is assigned.
  • Direct deposit usually begins 4 to 6 weeks after your registration form is received.
  • When payments are made via direct deposit you will receive a Payment Notice from the Office of Financial Management that tells you the amount of the payment and the date the funds are transferred to your financial institution.
  • A few days later, you will receive the detailed SSPS Remittance Advice that is sent to all SSPS providers.

To make changes to an account you already have:

Note: all forms are also available on the SSPS Provider Portal as are remittances, invoices, authorization history, and other useful information. Please see the SSPS Introduction page for more information about the portal.