Group Care Negotiated Rule Making Project

Utilizing this Negotiated Rule Making (NRM) approach, DCYF’s Licensing Division (LD)  has begun the process of amending the group care (110-145) WAC and will soon begin the process of amending the foster care (110-148) WAC.

Both these NRM projects are associated with the DS Settlement, along with the mission, vision, values, and guiding principles of DCYF.

What is Negotiated Rule Making?

NRM is a way to develop rules by seeking consensus from delegates representing groupings of similar parties impacted by the rule. Utilizing the NRM approach to rule making has several benefits, such as:

  • Providing greater public access to rulemaking
  • Creating more culturally and developmentally appropriate rules
  • A better understanding of rule intent and increased compliance with rules

Project Timeline

  • Dec. 1 , 2023 – June 30, 2024: Negotiated Rule Making (Hybrid and in person)
  • July 1 – Sept. 30, 2024: WAC Polishing and Filing
  • Oct. 1 – Dec. 31, 2024: Group Care Policy and Training Build and Finalization
  • Jan. 1 – Sept. 2025: Training Delivery
  • Oct. 1, 2025: Group Care WAC Go Live

Project Timeline Graphic 

Early Implementation Workgroup

The Group Care NRM Team hosts regular Early Implementation Workgroup meetings focused on highlighting current group care and foster family home practices that align with the 7 D.S. Settlement Area requirements. This workgroup consists of representatives from community partner agencies, group care facilities, foster parents, RESJ, tribal partners, and LD programs.

Ways to Engage

To accommodate individual participant schedules, commitment ability, level of investment, etc., folks can participate in the NRM project by:

  • Providing feedback on these Group Care WAC. In collaboration with those identified as impacted parties of WAC 110-145, these WAC have been proposed for amendments. If you are in disagreement with any of the proposed WAC amendments listed here, please send your comments to the Group Care NRM email.
  • Staying connected through the Group Care NRM webpage and providing recommended changes to the current WAC through the Group Care NRM email.
  • Attending a participant grouping meeting. If you don't know who your grouping is, reach out to the NRM email (
  • Participating as an in-person negotiation participant grouping representative.

If you have questions and/or need additional information regarding the Group Care NRM project, email