Education & Equivalents

Early Childhood Education Stackable Certificates

If your role lists required education, the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Stackable Certificates might be an option for you. Print-out the Stackables Certificates guide.  

  • Stackable Certificates build on one another.
  • They lead into an associate degree in ECE and beyond.
  • They’re offered throughout the state and are available in-person and online. 


Providers have multiple options (Equivalent Options for Education Chart), known as 'equivalents,' for meeting the educational requirements for licensing standards (WAC 110-300-0100).

Equivalent options may include experience, training, or other educational college or credits. A complete list of equivalents includes:


Providers hired before August 1, 2019: Providers will continue working toward their full job role education requirement as House Bill 2556 extended the timeline for existing providers until Aug. 1, 2026.

Providers hired after August 1, 2019: Early learning providers have five years from their date of hire or promotion to meet the full education staff qualifications requirements.