DCYF ECEAP commits to dismantling racism and building an equitable state-funded preschool system in Washington. Increasing our understanding of and capacity to address the deep-rooted impacts of bias and racism at every level is the highest priority for our team. We embrace equity as a foundation of and driving force behind our work by listening to and learning from families, contractor staff, and communities. Driven by this commitment, we develop and revise systems, policies, and practices, with the goal of eliminating disparities and transforming lives.

Inclusion Definition

Inclusion embodies the values and practices that create access to individualized opportunities for every child and their family. State agencies, community partners, and families all work together to provide access to inclusive high-quality early learning settings for all children. Inclusive practices ensure that all children and their families, regardless of ability, can participate in a broad range of activities and are supported to engage as full members of their program, school, communities, and society. The desired result of inclusive experiences for all children and their families is that they feel a sense of belonging to a community, develop positive social relationships and friendships, and experience learning that engages the individual child’s development.

Current Inclusion Work In Progress