CPA Contracts

The new CPA Contract went into effect Jan. 1, 2024. The statement of work is similar to the Caregiver Supports Contract statement of work and focuses on providing supports to the CPA caregiver to enable stable placements for children and youth. DCYF will work with CPAs to monitor the effectiveness of the contract in reaching agency goals and will modify the contract over time based on CPA feedback when there are opportunities to implement improvements. 

DCYF met with CPAs several times July – October 2023 to review the new CPA Contract for January 2024. Based on input received from CPAs, several adjustments were made. Please review the CPA Contract FAQ for more details about the contract structure, this document incorporates questions and answers from all the CPA meetings. 


CPAs may be interested in submitting a bid for a Caregiver Supports Contract to be a catchment area provider. For information, visit the Caregiver Supports Project webpage.