Emergency Licensing Waivers

Foster Care Licensing Emergency Waivers

If you are a licensed foster parent or and believe you need to request a waiver, contact your DCYF or agency licensor to discuss available options if you are unable to meet WAC requirements during this COVID-19 pandemic.

If the only available option is a waiver, please ensure your licensor has the following information:

  • What WAC requirement you are requesting to be waived.
  • What steps you have taken to try and mitigate without a waiver.
  • How you are going to ensure the health and safety of children while operating outside the general WAC or policy requirements.

DCYF #15-868 Emergency Child Care Waiver (Exception) Request Form

Emergency Child Care Waiver/Exception Request for COVID-19

We know the services you provide to children and families every day is critical to the greater good of our community here in Washington State.

If you need to request a waiver to respond more effectively to the COVID-19 situation, please use this Emergency Child Care Waiver/Exception Request form and send it to your local DCYF Licensing Field Office to go through the approval process. This form and process is only for waivers for response to COVID-19. All other waiver requests should go through the usual channels.

Please be as specific in your request as possible – especially as you identify what rule you need waived, the need you have identified and what your plan is. DCYF is committed to processing these requests as rapidly as possible and specific information will assist us in making decisions quickly.