EPSDT / Well-Child Exam

Have You Heard About EPSDT/Well-Child Exams?

Children and youth may go to the doctor whenever there is a need or they are sick. However, taking the child/youth to the doctor when they are sick is not the same as an EPSDT examination.

What is an EPSDT/Well-Child examination?

The purpose of the EPSDT is to prevent and identify conditions that may interfere with a child/youth's natural growth and development. The EPSDT examination should include:

  • A complete physical examination
  • A current health/developmental history
  • Appropriate vision and hearing tests
  • Developmental and nutritional assessment
  • Substance abuse screening
  • An oral health assessment and referral for dental care for children 1 year of age and older
  • Appropriate lab tests
  • Health education and counseling
  • Immunizations

When does my child/youth need an EPSDT/Well-Child Exam?

Every child/youth in out-of-home placement should receive an EPSDT examination within 30 days of entering any foster or relative placement. Once the child/youth has their first EPSDT within 30 days of entering out-of-home placement, please follow the schedule below:

  • Five examinations between 0 and 12 months of age:
    • 1 month
    • 2 - 3 months
    • 4 - 5 months
    • 6 - 8 months
    • 9 - 11 months
  • Three examinations between 1 and 2 years of life:
    • 12 months
    • 15 months
    • 18 months
  • One examination EVERY year between 3 and 20 years of age

What if I have Questions?

If you have any questions about coverage for medical services including the EPSDT/Well-Being examination, please contact the Fostering Well Being Care Coordination Unit (FWBCCU) at: 1-800-562-3022 ext. 59594