Get an ID Card

Your case worker can request a Washington State Identicard for you. An identicard is a Washington State identification card issued through the Department of Licensing. It is a valid piece of identification that can be used for many purposes:

  • taking GED
  • employment
  • getting a social security number or birth certificate
  • getting a passport
  • housing
  • enrolling in school after high school
  • civic responsibility (stopped by police)
  • joining organizations
  • opening a bank account, cashing checks, etc.

How can I request a WA State Identicard?

  • Ask your case worker to complete and submit the Washington State Identicard form (DCYF form 11-077).
  • Your case worker will submit the form with a color photo of you to the Department of Licensing (DOL). They will scan and email these and give you a copy of the form with any additional documents so that you can go to the local DOL office (allow three business days after they submit the form) to request your Identicard and have your picture taken.
  • You have 60 days to go to the local DOL to request your card once the form is emailed. If you don’t request your card in 60 days, your case worker will have to submit a new request.
  • Your case worker will keep a copy of the form in your file.
  • You will receive a temporary Identicard and the permanent one will be mailed.

How much does it cost to get a WA State Identicard?

WA State Identicard costs $54. There is a reduced fee form that your case worker can complete to bring the cost down to $5.