1700. Case Staffings

Dependency Timeline & Schedule of Case Staffings (PDF)

Purpose Statement

All staffings engage parents in the shared planning process to develop family specific case plans focused on identified safety threats and child specific permanency goals. Working in partnership with families, natural supports and providers helps identify parents' strengths, threats to child safety, focus on everyday life events, and help parents build the skills necessary to support the safety and well-being of their children. The shared planning process integrates all CA staffings.


  1. Engage families, natural supports and providers in case planning. Schedule staffings in a location and time that meets the needs of the parent(s) and their participants whenever possible.
  2. Identify all relevant case participants.
  3. Schedule staffings to correspond with planning for court hearings whenever possible.
  4. Multiple issues impacting children and families may be addressed in one meeting rather than separate meetings held for each issue.
  5. Utilize staffings to assist you and the family to develop or review resources or approaches to address child safety.
  6. Prepare for staffings by determining how the participants can contribute to the case discussion and planning.
  7. Utilize the concurrent planning process to develop child specific permanency goals.


Practice Model Website on the Children's Administration Intranet


DCYF 14-474 Shared Planning Form

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