Office of Innovation, Alignment and Accountability announces new Assessment Oversight Group (AOG) web page

October 23, 2023
Digital screen, "Assessment" text encircled by menu options, person's hand ready to select option

The new Assessment Oversight Group web page, accessible from the Practice Improvement landing page on the DCYF website, helps explain the AOG’s creation, priorities, and membership. It also includes an inventory of all decision-making assessments used in Child Welfare and Juvenile Rehabilitation.

While the AOG also has internal resources available to staff, providing information on the website about DCYF’s assessments promotes transparency and public accountability. As assessments are reviewed by the AOG, information about these assessments will be updated and published.

The AOG monitors the ongoing use and coordination of assessment tools for DCYF, as well as approves the selection of new tools. The group is comprised of DCYF staff from across the agency committed to practice improvement. Its work is a critical component to ensuring achievement of DCYF Strategic Priorities. DCYF’s OIAA supports the AOG.

If you have any questions regarding the AOG, please contact