New Ways for Child Welfare Contractors and Licensees to Help Homeless Youth Get ID Cards

March 16, 2022
Person handing ID card to another person.

Passed during the 2020 Legislative Session, House Bill 2607 aims to assist young people under age 25 experiencing homelessness with obtaining state identification (ID) cards. This month, DCYF and the Department of Licensing (DOL) are announcing additional ways for child welfare contractors and licensees to assist young people with getting these cards.

Pre-existing pathways

DOL offers pathways to get state ID cards for those who:

  • Have been served by DCYF child welfare or foster care services.
  • Have been served by DCYF with juvenile rehabilitation services.
  • Are actively enrolled in K-12 education.

For young people served by DCYF, DOL accepts ID letters electronically from DCYF staff to establish proof of identity. For youth experiencing homelessness who are still enrolled in school, a young person can get assistance from the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Liaison at their school, who can help through the process with DOL.

New pathways

For youth who do not fit into any of the three categories above, DOL has established a new process:

  • DCYF contractors and licensees assisting young people experiencing homelessness can help them get a state ID card by contacting DOL for an ID review.
  • The request can be emailed to From there, DOL will determine if identity can be established based on documents presented by the young person.

Please reach out to Adolescent Housing Program Supervisor Greg Williamson with any questions at