Juvenile Rehabilitation Staff Receive Advanced De-escalation Training

November 6, 2023
JR youth

As part of the agency’s commitment to keeping residents and staff safe, staff at Echo Glen Children's Center, Green Hill School, and Community facilities are getting trained in Advanced Crisis Intervention Training (ACIT).

Juvenile Rehabilitation staff across facilities and incoming staff have been trained in ACIT, a form of de-escalation training that is designed to intervene with individuals experiencing crisis or emotional dysregulation in a way that prioritizes safety for staff and residents, protects dignity, and reduces the recurrence of future crises.

ACIT is the only crisis intervention certification available from a professional mental health association for responding to anger, aggression, and violence. New staff at DCYF facilities are now receiving this training as part of their onboarding.

“De-escalation training is something our staff have asked for and we believe this training is another tool for our staff to promote safety and create a trauma-informed environment,” explained Assistant Secretary Felice Upton. "These activities also help staff develop awareness of their own reaction to crisis and maintain self-regulation.”