DCYF Announces Campaign that Highlights Efforts to Improve Outcomes for Families

April 18, 2023
Child smiling while hugging caregiver.

From expanding crisis family preservation services statewide to increasing the number of licensed kinship caregivers, the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) is working tirelessly on various practice changes and increased supports to improve outcomes for families. To keep families and partners updated on these changes and opportunities to provide feedback, DCYF is introducing the Thriving Families campaign.

Thriving Families is made up of multiple projects in the child welfare space that focus on preventing out-of-home placements, supporting families so children and youth remain safely at home or with kin, and ensuring placements are safe, stable, and support permanency.

“These collective efforts are all about shifting how our staff serve our clients by providing them with the tools and services that families need to thrive,” said Assistant Secretary of Child Welfare Field Operations Natalie Green. “We are engaging with our clients, providers, tribes, and the community so they can have a voice and be a partner as we make changes to our practice.”

Get to know the different projects that make up this campaign:

To learn more about this work, visit DCYF’s Thriving Families webpage.