Community Support for All: What It Is, How It Works, Who It Helps

January 12, 2023
Young man extending a hand down to help another person over a wall

In 2021, the Washington State Legislature funded a decision package paving the way for Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) to provide effective community-based reentry services to all young people releasing from residential care. Community Support for All Young People ensures youth releasing to the community are connected to vital resources necessary for their successful reentry, self-sufficiency, and independence. Having least restrictive placement options coupled with therapeutic supports is a critical combination. JR has developed several fact sheets and FAQs explaining the continuum of services, which include:

“I have found that a successful transition to home upon release can be difficult and sometimes really overwhelming if the young person doesn’t have the right support system,” said Community Support Administrator Rich Taylor. “We have the ability to assist them during this challenging time in their lives by providing some basic fundamental needs, and getting them connected to the right services, at the right time. It can make such a difference in their success.”         

Learn more about Community Support for All Young People, or reach out to Administrators Cristi Devers or Richard Taylor with questions.