43092. Child Health and Education Tracking (CHET)

Approval:   Connie Lambert-Eckel, Acting Assistant Secretary

Original Date:  January 8, 2007

Revised Date:  July 1, 2018

Policy Review: July 1, 2023


The Child Health and Education Tracking (CHET) program is responsible for identifying each child’s long-term needs at initial out-of-home placement by evaluating his or her well-being. The results of the evaluation are used to develop an appropriate case plan and assist in placement decisions.  


This policy applies to Children’s Administration (CA) CHET screeners.


PL 110-351 Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008

RCW 74.14A.050 Identification of Children in a State-assisted Support System


CHET screeners must:

  1. Evaluate all children in the care and custody of CA and who are expected to remain in care 30 days or more, within 30 days of the child’s original placement date.  This evaluation includes:
    1. Meeting with each child in-person to complete the CHET screen, unless the child is unavailable for an in-person meeting and the supervisor approves an exception to the in-person meeting. The reason for the exception must be documented in a case note.
    2. Assessing each child in the developmentally appropriate domain in accordance with the CHET Handbook.
    3. Obtaining information from sources such as parents, caregivers and teachers, when available.
    4. Documenting the long-term well-being needs of the child in the CHET Screening Report DCYF 14-444.
  2. Follow the caseworker notification process in the CHET Handbook when a concern is identified during the screening process.
  3. Make the following referrals to:
    1. Early Support for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT) for children younger than three years old within two working days after a concern about the child's developmental delay is identified during the screening process. Referrals will be made in accordance with each region's ESIT protocol.
    2. Fostering Well-Being Care Coordination Unit (FWBCCU) to confirm Apple Health Core Connections eligibility and identify children who meet the medically fragile criteria.
  4. Provide and discuss the CHET Screening Report DCYF 14-444 to caregivers and the assigned caseworker within five days of completion.
  5. Document screening results and information gathered during the CHET screening process in the electronic documentation systems.
  6. Upload the CHET Screening Report DCYF 14-444 and all supporting documents into file upload in FamLink.
  7. Participate in shared planning meetings, when invited.


CHET Screening Report DCYF 14-444


CHET Handbook

CHET Screening Report Instructions