4400. Concurrent TANF Benefits

Approval:      Jennifer Strus, Assistant Secretary

Effective Date:  

Revised Date: July 31, 2015

Sunset Review: July 31, 2018


Family(s) receiving TANF benefits prior to child(ren) entering out-of-home care may be eligible for 180 calendar days of ongoing benefits to support the goal of reunification.  TANF benefits support families by maintaining housing and access to services or community supports.


This policy applies to all Children’s Administration caseworkers and supervisors.


WAC 388-454-0015


  1. CA will notify Economic Services Administration (ESA) when a child is removed from a parent receiving TANF benefits.
  2. CA will coordinate efforts with ESA to continue the parent’s eligibility for 180 calendar days of ongoing TANF benefits when the primary permanency plan is reunification within 180 calendar days of Original Placement Date (OPD).


The assigned caseworker will:

  1. Notify ESA by completing and emailing the Concurrent TANF Benefits/Family Reunification Notice of Removal from TANF Home DSHS 15-362  within 7 calendar days of the child’s removal from the parent’s home.
  2. Provide ESA with demographic information and permanency planning information to determine the parent’s ongoing eligibility for TANF benefits while their child(ren) are in out-of- home care.
  3. Update DSHS 15-362 and email ESA a request for an extension of benefits beyond 180 calendar days if the child(ren) continues in out-of-home care beyond 180 calendar days and the primary plan remains reunification.
  4. Provide ESA with case updates and family progress, including the information outlined below:
    1. On open TANF Cases:

      1. Case and service plan updates:

        1. Prior to the 6 month dependency review hearing.

        2. Prior to the first permanency review hearing if an exception to rule (ETR) has been granted.

      2. Notification:

        1. When reunification of the child(ren) is imminent.

        2. When the permanent plan changes.

        3. When the assigned caseworker changes.

    2. On Closed TANF Cases:

      1. Refer parent(s) for new TANF application 30 calendar days prior to the child(ren) returning home if they were previously receiving TANF benefits.

      2. Notify ESA that the parent has been referred.
  5. Document communication with ESA and decisions in FamLink.

Forms and Tools

Concurrent TANF Benefits/Family Reunification Notice of Removal from TANF Home DSHS 15-362


Interagency Concurrent Benefits On-Line Training in the WA State Learning Center