41211. Safety of Newborn Children Act


  1. DCYF child welfare employees must accept an intake of a newborn transferred (abandoned) under the Safety of Newborn Children Act per the Intake policy.
  2. Responsibilities:
    1. CFWS Supervisor assigns intake to a CFWS caseworker
    2. CFWS caseworker:
      1. Has face-to-face contact with the newborn and gathers available information from hospital and other caregivers.
      2. Locates and places the newborn in emergency out-of-home, when able to be released from the hospital.
      3. Verifies CA custody through a law enforcement transfer of custody.
      4. Drafts and files a dependency petition.
      5. Completes the child information/placement referral DCYF 15-300 form based on available information and provides information to the caregiver/foster parent.
      6. Schedules shared planning meeting to identify permanent plan and placement.
      7. Consults with supervisor as necessary.