DCYF's New Training Site is Now DEVELOP!

We are excited to announce the implementation of a new Learning Management System (LMS), DEVELOP, this will be a database for Evaluating, Validating, and Enhancing Learning Opportunities and Professionalism.

DEVELOP will be a place to find, complete, and manage trainings and conference/special events; as well as to apply to become a State-Approved Trainer.

DEVELOP is expected to launch in 2024. We will continue working with our audiences and provide status updates as we progress toward the launch.

Key Features

DEVELOP will have features that will help our learners, training organizations and trainers access and navigate with ease. Some key features include: 

  • Improved navigation and accessibility for all users
  • Easier training search by topic, location, and more
  • Language customization - users will be able to translate the site into Spanish and Somali when navigating DEVELOP
  • Blended and collaborative learning options, including integration with Zoom
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Simplified trainer application process

Get Involved

We’re taking a user-centered approach with the transition to DEVELOP. Each step of the way, we will be working closely with our audiences to learn from them, so that we can offer the best support possible. We’d love your feedback!

User-Centered Testing and Feedback Sessions

  • State-Approved Trainers & Training Organizations: Feedback sessions were conducted in November 2022. Thanks to the generous participation of current State Approved Trainers, we are better able to develop the kinds of resource materials that will trainers most likely want and need during the transition. Thank you to those who participated in these sessions!
  • Child Care Providers/Coaches and Other Early Learning Audiences: We’ll be holding testing/feedback sessions with these audiences between December 2023 and February 2024. Recruitment for testers took place via our PD Newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter

If would like to participate in these efforts, email Marlene White.

Renaming DCYF'S New Training Site into DEVELOP

In June, we surveyed early learning and child care professionals asking about their profession, and how they describe it. The 400+ responses we received provided key words that helped us generate possible names for DCYF’s New Training Site.

We then took those names and had the public vote for their favorite name. We received nearly 700 responses on our survey; out of the 10 names provided, DEVELOP came in at #1 with 23% of the vote! Check out the full results here.

We're excited about our new name, and hope you agree! We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to this effort. We wouldn't be here without you. 

DEVELOP will replace the current LMS, DCYFtraining.com.

Child Care Providers

Child care providers will be able to find training for in-service hours AND complete online trainings in DEVELOP when it launches.  


Trainers will access DEVELOP to list training, track completions, manage rosters, and connect to their training organization. It is also how new trainers can become state-approved trainers.

Training Organizations

Training organizations will be able to submit their training/course events for approval, and manage their State-Approved Trainers in DEVELOP. 

DEVELOP will launch in 2024. We will continue to provide status updates as we progress toward the launch. Until then, child care providers will continue to use the current training site (dcyftraining.com) to access required training and trainers and training organizations will continue to enter trainings in MERIT.

  • Child Care Providers: will use DEVELOP to search for and take training.
  • Trainers: will use DEVELOP to list training, track completions, manage rosters, and connect to their training organization. It is also how new trainers can apply to become State-Approved Trainer.
  • Training Organizations: will be able to manage their State-Approved Trainers in DEVELOP.
  • DCYF Early Learning Teams & Staff: will use DEVELOP to manage the trainings and analyze training delivery data.

We’re taking a user-centered approach to transition to DEVELOP. During each step, we will work closely with those who will be using DEVELOP to learn how to best support our users.

If you’re interested in getting involved and providing feedback, email Marlene White.