Preface and Acknowledgements

We want to express appreciation to the staff and tribal representatives who have participated over the last five years to revise our Indian Child Welfare Policies and Procedures, first issued in 1991. The 2016 revisions have been written to reflect the: 

  • Revised federal Indian Child Welfare regulations, effective December 12, 2016  
  • Amended Indian Child Welfare Washington Administrative Code, effective July 23, 2016
  • Washington State Indian Child Welfare Act, passed in 2011
  • New policy and procedure format, that includes links to resources for caseworkers to use in their everyday work
  • New and updated FamLink functionality related to Indian Child Welfare

Four new chapters are also included that address policies and procedures for the following:

  • Initial intake
  • Inquiry and verification
  • Payments for children in tribal care and custody; and
  • Culturally competent case management when working with children and families of Indian Ancestry who are not subject to the state and federal Indian Child Welfare Acts.

Among the people who have been involved in the effort are:

Aimee Gone, Office of Indian Policy
Betsy Tulee, Muckleshoot Tribe
Bob Smith, ICW headquarters program supervisor
Bob Ensley, Federal Funding Manager headquarters
Brenda Francis–Thomas, Office of Indian Policy
Carmelita Adkins, Region 2 ICW Program Consultant
Carissa Greenberg, AAG
Cassie Anderson, Region 1 Supervisor CFWS, CPS, ICW
Francis Cacalda, UW Alliance ICW Training Coordinator
Gerry Charvat, Region 1 Spokane ICW Unit (prior staff)
Heidi Walker, Region 3 ICW Program Consultant
Helen Fenrich, Tulalip Tribes
Jackie Schafer, AAG
Jennifer Meyer, AAG
Jenna Kiser, Intake Program Manager headquarters
John Miller, Samish Indian Nation staff
Juliette Knight, ICW headquarters program manager
Karen Richholt,  Permanency Planning Program Manager headquarters
Kelly Lutes, Native American Inquiry and Relative Search Unit Supervisor headquarters
Krissy Wright, DLR Program Manager headquarters
Larry Lamebull, Office of Indian Policy 
Linda Adkinson, Region 1 ICW Program Consultant
Liz Mueller, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
Lorraine Van Brunt, Nisqually Tribe staff
Maya Brown, ICPC Supervisor headquarters

Colette McCully, Policy Manager headquarters
Dan Ashby, Chief Finance and Accounting headquarters
Daryl Toulou, Office of Indian Policy
Diane Waddington, Region 3 LICWAC Coordinator
Debbie Marker, Adoptions Program Manager headquarters
Debbie Gomi, Native American Inquiry and Relative Search Unit Program Manager headquarters
Mary Pagni-Leavitt, CFWS Program Manager headquarters
Michelle Johnson, Samish Indian Nation staff
Mike Yates, Cowlitz Tribe
Melissa Sayer, DLR Program Manager headquarters
Monique George, Yakama Nation
Nicole Earls, Quileute Tribe
Nicole Miller, Region 3 ICW Program Consultant (prior staff)
Nicole Muller, Centralized Services Administrator headquarters
Nelly Mbajah, Supervisor Permanency and Placement headquarters
Roxanne Finney, Region 2 ICW Program Consultant
Shannon Freeman, ICPC Program Manager headquarters 
Shannon Thomas, Kalispel Tribal Attorney
Stephanie Frazier, CPS Program Manager headquarters
Sue Mapes, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe staff
Tanya Pankowski, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
Tom Tremaine, Kalispel Tribe
Vanessa Castle, Makah Tribe staff
Wendy Thomas, Kalispel Tribe staff


Jennifer A. Strus, Assistant Secretary