12. Casework Services for Children and Families of Non-Federally Recognized Tribes and Canadian First Nations

Approval: Jennifer Strus, Assistant Secretary

Original Date: September 7, 2016

Revised Date: Not Applicable

Policy Review: June 30, 2020


To provide guidance about CA responsibilities for children and families when the child is placed in out-of-home care and the federal and state Indian Child Welfare Acts (ICWA) do not apply.


R.C.W. 74.14A.020 Services for potentially dependent children


This policy applies to Division of Children and Family Services staff.


  1. ICWA does not apply when a child or family is from a non-federally recognized tribe or Canadian First Nations.
  2. When ICWA does not apply, CA caseworkers will:
    1. Follow all CA Practice and Procedure policies including:
      1. Family Assessment-Assessment of Progress policy.
      2. Community-Informed Decision-Making policy.
      3. Culturally Appropriate Assessment policy.
    2. Contact the tribe or Canadian First Nation for help in locating a relative or other placement and available service resources for the child(ren). Follow CA ICW policies and procedures Chapter 4 Disclosure of confidential records/Information to Tribes.
    3. Obtain written consent using Consent DCYF 14-012 from at least one parent to share other information beyond the request for help in locating placement and service resources for the child.
    4. Preserve the child’s culture of origin and respect the child’s right to participate in his or her culture, when developing case plans. This includes helping the family enroll the child if they are eligible and the family wants to pursue enrollment.
    5. Conduct case staffings with Local Indian Child Welfare Advisory Committees (LICWAC) with a signed Consent DCYF 14-012 from at least one parent.
      1. If both parents are absent and have not participated in the case for 60 days from the Original Placement Date (OPD), and CA has made diligent efforts to locate parents who cannot be found, the case may be staffed at LICWAC without a signed consent.
      2. If either parent should subsequently become involved with the case, consent to continue staffing with LICWAC will be required.