Jeff Kincaid

head shot
Regional Administrator for Region 1

Jeff has been around the child welfare system his entire life. His parents were licensed foster parents and began providing care and an adoptive home to children since Jeff was 3 years old. He is the second oldest of 20 siblings: three biological and seventeen finding this forever family through child welfare systems around the country and world. Jeff and wife, Renee, continued to follow the calling to provide permanence to children in need of a family. They have six daughters, five of whom are adopted.

Jeff began his service with Children’s Administration in 1998 as a Child and Family Welfare Services worker in the Spokane office. He has also held the positions of Foster Home Licensor, Regional Licensor, Supervisor, and Area Administrator over the course of his 26 years of service.  Beginning in November of 2016, Jeff began in his current role as the Regional Administrator for Region 1. He was awarded the 2019 NASW-Washington State President's Award in recognition for excellence, outstanding performance, and merit in service to the children, youth, and families of Washington State.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology from Washington State University and a master’s in social work from Eastern Washington University. Jeff is also a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.