Kinship Caregivers, We’re Here For You!

The Alliance offers supportive trainings for kinship caregivers.  The popular Alliance course “Kinship 101: Information for Relatives and Suitable Others” is offered in three formats.  You can attend a classroom session, a webinar (offered monthly) or sign up for an individual coaching session.  This means that you have the option to best meet your needs.  If you like being part of a community to learn—find a classroom session near you.  If you prefer to learn from an interactive webinar session you can be in your own home while you learn online.  If you want individual help and support, a coaching session is scheduled at your convenience and can take place in person or by phone. 

Kinship 101 covers the financial, legal, and emotional challenges of raising a relative’s child. Services and support when raising a relative’s child can be a lifesaver.  Often kinship caregivers do not access the benefits which are available to them. This training addresses the issues that Kinship Caregivers struggle with most at an individual level including:

  1. Financial Needs
  2. Legal Challenges
  3. Navigating public service systems
  4. Needing more social services
  5. Information about resources/caregiving

This class is designed for licensed and unlicensed caregivers caring for children currently or previously involved in the dependency system.  Caregiver Core Training (CCT) is not a prerequisite.  However, this course is supplemental to CCT for kinship caregivers, and can be a field experience during CCT.   

Kinship caregivers who have attended the course rated it as very helpful and consistently say they wished they had received this class when a child was first placed in their home because they were not aware of so many resources and supports that are available to support them with their placement.  Kinship caregivers reported the most helpful elements of the course included:

  • learning about “how to better communicate with the caseworker”
  • “where to find forms”
  • “how to be an advocate for myself”
  • “understanding the system better” including “the steps for termination and adoption”
  • “the resources available to kinship and relative caregivers”

Please join the Alliance for this training if you are a kinship caregiver.  To register, click here and look for “Coaching for Caregivers: Kinship 101” or “Kinship 101: Information for Relatives or Suitable Others” or “Kinship 101: Information for Relatives or Suitable Others (Webinar)”.