Extended Foster Care

The Extended Foster Care program provides an opportunity for young adults, in foster care at age 18, to voluntarily agree to continue receiving foster care services, including placement services, while the youth completes a secondary or postsecondary academic or vocational program, or participates in a program or activity designed to promote employment.

The dependency action will continue if the eligible youth elects to participate in the program on their 18th birthday. Eligible youth who do not elect to participate in the Extended Foster Care program on their 18th birthday will have until their 19th birthday to voluntarily request to participate in the Extended Foster Care program.

Services may include:

  • Foster Care placement or Supervised Independent living setting placement (shared living, apartment, college dormitory).
  • Medical (including mental health).
  • Dental.
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Case management by DCYF.
  • Referrals to community resources (as appropriate).
  • See independence.wa.gov for further services.


To be eligible for the Extended Foster Care program (Policy 43105. Extended Foster Care Program), youth must meet the following criteria on their 18th birthday:

  • Dependent;
  • In foster care; and
    • Enrolled in high school or a high school equivalency program; or
    • Enrolled, applied for, or can show intent to timely enroll in a post-secondary academic or post-secondary vocational certification program; or
    • Participating in a program or activity designed to promote or remove barriers to employment, including part-time employment; or
    • Employed 80 hours or more a month; or
    • Unable to engage in any of the above activities due to a documented medical condition

Continued participation in Extended Foster Care is subject to continuing eligibility in one of the five categories listed above. Participants can transition between categories.

How to Apply

  • Contact your assigned social worker
  • Contact Central Intake at 1-800-562-5624